Bible Study Methods

February 1, 2018

We are so priviledged to have the Bible in so many versions to read and study! It is essential that we take advantage of this great wealth that we have and study the Bible on our own. However, that is not always easy to do. This podcast gives a brief overview of one Bible study method, using a bridge as an illustration: Observe what it means for them, Interpret the overarching principles, and Apply it to your life.


Advent Reflection Week 4 - Rejoice!

January 4, 2018

Rejoice! The Lord has come! In this final Advent Reflection, we consider the rejoicing of those who saw Christ's birth, and how we can rejoice in the hope of His second coming.


Advent Reflection Week 3 - Repent

December 22, 2017

Part of preparing for Christ's first and second comings is repenting, which is bringing ourselves in line with Christ. We agree that we have sinned, and we agree to change. Hear about Zechariah's repentance, and our response of repentance as well. This podcast is a recording of the live Advent Reflections Webinar! There were a few sound issues, so in places I re-recorded so you could hear things that got muffled. Enjoy!


Advent Reflection Week 2 - Prepare

December 20, 2017

Part of waiting for Christ's return is preparing ourselves for Him. This Advent Reflection considers how Mary prepared for the birth of Christ and how we can prepare for His second coming.


Advent Reflection Week 1 - Wait with Joy

December 19, 2017

The first in a four part series of Advent Reflections. Advent is a time to remember and celebrate Christ's first coming, and to anticipate His second coming. How did the Israelites wait for the Messiah, and how can we wait with joy for His return?


Scripture Engagement

October 18, 2017

The next step of the translation process is to print the Scriptures, distribute them, and help people engage with Scriptures. This podcast ends with a challenge to those of us who have had the Scripture for many years, and introduces the next podcast series to help us answer that challenge.


Consultant Checking

September 6, 2017

The next step in the translation process is the consultant check. This is where someone with training in both translation and in exegesis (bible study) looks at the translation and checks it for accuracy. This job will be a large part of my role with Pioneer Bible Translators.


The Kono Project - Translation in Process

July 27, 2017

Get a glimpse of a real translation in progress! This episode is an interview with Steve, who is a translation facilitator for the Kono Project in Africa. This project is at the beginning stages, and Steve is working on linguistics. Steve and Carla met to finalize the Kono alphabet and write spelling rules for the language. Hear about some of the challenges the Kono Project has faced, their reasons for pressing forward, and how it feels to have an alphabet! Steve shares a story as well of the Kono word for Savior! This is a great look at a real translation project as it moves forward!


Comprehension Checking

July 6, 2017

After a translation is drafted, it goes through several different checks to make sure that it is accurate to the Biblical text, as well as clear to the readers, and natural sounding in the language. This podcast talks about the process of "comprehension checking" - meeting with language speakers to make sure the translation is easily understood by a mother-tongue language speaker.



June 2, 2017

The next step in the translation process is drafting. This podcast explores two things that drafters must keep in mind - the meanings of the words and the structures of sentences.