How We Got the Bible: Modern Day Translations

February 19, 2019

In the last hundred years, there have been nearly ninety Bible translations! All of these translations are a resource for us, but it often raises the questions of "Why are there so many?" and "Are they all accurate?" This podcast discusses the reasons there are so many translations, and why they sound different from each other, but are still faithful translations of the original. It also includes some tips on choosing a Bible translation for your own personal reading and study.

How We Got the Bible: Reformation to King James

January 10, 2019

Following the Reformation, Bible translation into English was given a political boost by the Anglican church. This podcast talks about the translations that were done during the late Reformation period up until the time of the King James Version, which ended the second major period of translation. If you are interested in knowing more about the King James Version, this podcast is for you! The picture here is the front page of the Geneva Bible, a revolutionary translation in many ways.

How We Got the Bible: The Canon

November 30, 2018

"Canon" means "measuring rod", and in speaking of the Bible it means the books which have been tested and included in the Bible as God's inspired word. In this podcast I explore the formation of the Canon - in other words, how were these books chosen? I look at the formation process of the Canon over the years of Biblical history, with who made the final decisions on the books and what criteria they used. I also touch briefly on the Apocrypha and why it is not included in the Protestant Bible.



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How We Got the Bible: The Start of the Reformation

October 25, 2018

This podcast picks up at the end of the 1000 year period of no Bible translation. Several key figures began a reformation within the church, including John Wycliffe, Martin Luther, and William Tyndale. Interestingly, each of these men called for reform in the church, and for each of them, people reading the Bible in their own language was part of the reform they wanted. 

How We Got the Bible: The First Translations

September 14, 2018

This podcast looks at the early period of translations - the first translation of the Hebrew Bible, and the translations that followed the death of Christ. These translations were marked by two things: persecution, and growth of the church. The fire of persecution caused an explosion of translation!

How We Got the Bible: Inspiration

August 17, 2018

This podcast starts a series on how we got the English Bible. Why are there so many different translations? Are they reliable? We are going to look at the history of the English Bible through the centuries and answer some of these questions. We will start at the very beginning - who wrote the Bible in the first place? This podcast describes the doctrine of "inspiration" - men carried along by the Spirit, much like a sailboat carried by the wind. 


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Bridge Bible Study: Application

July 11, 2018

In this podcast we reach the final step of the Bridge Bible Study method: application. After we understand the overarching principles of the passage, it is important to look at how they apply in our cultural context, along with how they apply to our own lives personally. We look at the principles we have gleaned from Mark 1:21-28 along with some possible applications to American culture and some questions to ask as we apply it to our own personal lives.


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Bridge Bible Study: Interpretation Part 2

June 15, 2018

This podcast finishes the "Interpretation" phase of our study of Mark 1:21-28. We consider the second tool that can be used for interpretation - using commentaries. Since many people have already studied these passages, we can read what they have to say in order to help understand the underlying meaning of the text. The three commentaries referenced are the Word Biblical Commentary, the New American Standard Commentary, and the NIV Life Application Commentary. Check with your pastor or church library for other good commentaries you can use.

Bridge Bible Study: Interpretation Part 1

May 17, 2018

This podcast moves on to the next step of the Bridge Bible Study method: interpretation. We continue to study Mark 1:21-28 by looking at what tools help us to understand the overarching principles of the text that apply to all times and all places. In this episode, we consider the first tool for interpretation, which is using cross-references. The Bible itself can help us understand the meaning of the Bible.



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Bridge Bible Study: Observation Part 2

April 3, 2018

This podcast finishes the "Observation" phase of our study of Mark 1:21-28. It looks at the "why" questions - questions that get deeper into the structure and meaning of the passage. You will discover that this passage has an interesting literary structure which highlights the main point of the story.